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We believe that children are the most beautiful gift in this world!

Children who are happy, grow up healthy and wear sustainable fashion - today and in the future.

Therefore, our credo is: 

Soova, the fashion brand which is sustainable, fair, organic, practical, colorful and comfortable - for us parents, our children and the future generations to come!


Martina Schneider (mother of 4 children) founded the cheerful colorful business Soova at Lindengasse in the 7th district of Vienna in April 2012. This brand is a result of her love for children, her consideration for nature and her passion for fashion and colors.

Ever since the set up of Soova, she have been developing and enhancing this brand, which gives little and big people a lot of fun: a brand that is practical, colorful and above all sustainable and organic.

Soova offers a range of clothes to help you create a colorful life, whether it rains or the sun is shining!

Our organic cotton with its own patterns, individual colors and unique fabric designs has been awarded the "GOTS" and "Textiles Trust" certificates. The fabrics which we use are processed fairly, which means that our business is managed with fair working conditions and which is fair to the environment.


It is our priority to focus on quality and responsibility - from the start of production all the way to the counter and our customers, without any compromise! In our small factory which is located less than 200 km from Vienna (EU, Czech Republic - near Brno), work is carried out in accordance with social corporate responsibility.


Since the environment is very close to our hearts, our mode of work follows an environmentally friendly policy throughout. Less resources mean more sustainability. 

When cooperating with transport companies which deliver our textiles to Vienna, we keep our transport paths as short as possible.  Less kilometers mean more sustainability. 

We want to consume as few resources as possible and therefore we recycle all our packaging materials continuously.

Finally, our fabric remnants are used to saw small fabric bags to pack our products beautifully and in a manner which is environmentally friendly. 


Each year and with every new collection, we expand our range and bring in new colors fabric, designs and cuts. This is how we evolve with each collection, gain experience and inspiration, and always aim to offer great products that fit perfectly and make us happy.


Fashion by Soova makes every wardrobe shine with many vibrant colors. It also gives you a good feeling because you know what you are wearing, where it comes from, and that it is produced with great responsibility for us, our children and our future!

Martina Schneider

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