Our concept of honest and fair fashion is deeply rooted throughout our entire entrepreneurial activity.


The soova designer as well as the entire company attach great importance to quality and responsibility - from the start of production all the way to the counter and to our customers. This is reflected in the fair working conditions for all the people involved in the manufacturing process; in the organic quality of our cotton; the production location with short transport distances and the high-quality processing of the materials.

We work closely with our suppliers and have direct control over working conditions in the factories where our fabrics are printed and our products are manufactured. All our suppliers and employees share our core values.


Our manufacturing happens very close to Vienna, in a small town close to Brno (Czech Republic, EU), which is located less than 200km away from Vienna. Soova collections are designed and produced in compliance with fair working conditions, within the standards of social corporate responsibility and with fair pay for all our employees.


We are honest with ourselves, our suppliers, employees and customers and we know exactly where, and in what conditions our products are made.

Honesty and fairness are the core values which characterize Soova fashion!