Since the summer of 2014 Soova has been using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) fully certified organic cotton in all its products. Our materials are imported from a very reliable and trusted producer in Turkey.


GOTS is a worldwide leading standard for processing textiles consisting of biologically produced natural fibres. It meets the highest environmental standards throughout the entire production chain while simultaneously adhering to the required corporate social responsibility social criteria ( In addition, it provides a very extensive range of certified cotton fabrics.


Soova specializes in the use of the following fabrics: organic cotton nicki, organic cotton cuffs, organic sweat fabric and the particularly popular organic cotton interlock. Moreover, the robust cord fabric is never missing in the Soova range, given the high demand and satisfaction of customers with it, particularly in the autumn and winter.


Apart from adhering to GOTS, all our fabrics have been awarded with the certificate  "Textiles Trust - Harmless Textiles", which ensures that all our products are free of pollutants and emissions. This certificate is only issued on textiles that meet the requirements of the internationally recognized Öko-Tex® standard.

In order to allow our little customers to have some fun even on rainy days, Soova offers a separate 100% waterproof rain collection which is made of very comfortable light and stretchy material.


In addition, we have gone a step further and designed a collection („soova pur“) that is made from pure organic cotton, is unbleached and uncoloured and has only been prewashed. Products from the „soova pur“ collection are extremely soft, pleasant and super-comfortable like a pyjama, making them particularly suitable for the very youngest.